Would love a great bj

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Have you ever wondered what your man thinks about while you go down on him? Have you ever wondered if you were actually offering mind-numbing pleasure or if he's rather be somewhere else? Well, wonder no more. As a woman, you might find yourself taken aback by Jack Hutson's no filter approach to discussing relationships. He might even come across as crude and obnoxious at times. You'll think, "Who the hell is this guy and what gives him any authority? He says it's a secretly guarded treasure of women worldwide.

It's what they use to procure any man they desire. He wants us to know that the importance of head should not be underestimated. Who knows, they could even change the world. A blowjob revolution might be the answer to world peace. Note that there's emphasis on good, as obligatory fellatio isn't enough to keep a man satisfied.

In his experience so many women get it wrong, due in no small part to their partners, who are so terrified of hurting her feelings, they'll say it was great when it wasn't. It's just better to tell the truth, guys! Here is the stone-cold truth in Jack's own words remember we said he has no filter ok? For many men, blowjobs are as rare as an albino whale. Energetically, men feel like losers when they have to hint, ask, or even beg for a blowjob.

But then again, most men will do almost anything for a blowjob. Yep, almost anything — so feel free to get creative with your requests. Men love women with a pleasing personality. Men continually compare you to their past sexual experiences.

If his ex swallowed happily and you bet he loved it! He might just view you as a spare tire. Ready to replace you at the drop of a hat. Sad, but true. After all, you only live once. Blowjobs are about power. This makes him feel worshipped while having a perfect view of all your assets: boobs, booty, and pumps. You command total pleasure or horrible pain — like chopping his penis off and tossing it out the window of a moving car.

I watched a lot of movies. Men are visual. On the contrary, you risk him thinking about that other chick or some porn star instead of seeing you. Confidence is key. Fake it if you must. Dump him. He wants you to be that innocent princess so he can be your knight in shining armour and save you. Trust Jack, guys get off on this kinda stuff. And what we think you are thinking about directly influences how a guy perceives your blowjob. The best thing you can do is to not think — instead — just feel. Tune your brain out.

Logic and thinking kill the mood. But if you do Your blowjobs will seem emotionless, even robotic. Probably nothing. He wants you to unleash your inner slut and be fearless. This may even be a simple thing, like gently playing around with his balls in one hand, or licking them erotically and getting all sloppy the wetter the better. Or instructing him to cherish you with his love-potion all over your beautiful face. His eyes will pop out in disbelief as you make his entire penis magically disappear in your mouth.

Dynamo is an amateur compared to you. The deeper you can go the longer your relationship will last. No joke. Many men have mildly sadistic fantasies when receiving a blowjob. They want to relive all the crazy stuff they see in porn or have experienced before. Just make sure you smile at the end. Nothing makes a guy enjoy a blowjob more than when he sees hunger for his penis in your eyes. Attitude is everything. Moan, go deep and sloppy, talk dirty, and lick all over his penis, balls, and beyond heard about rimming? Be fearless. I want to taste you and swallow every single drop Did she just actually say that?

Did I hear please? His crotch is swimming in your saliva of appreciation Never forget, with great power comes great responsibility. Do you agree with Jack? Tweet us sofeminineUK! Follow her CalamityCliche. Women In Focus. A blowjob!? Is it my birthday already? Cliche Wynter - Published on 1 April For all the best videos, memes and shareable news! Your browser cannot play this video. Be the first to see what's going on behind the scenes at Sofem.

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Would love a great bj

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