Well off man looking for Acle

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One of the most common ways people hurt their knees is by injuring their ACL anterior cruciate ligament. This is one of the bands of tissue that holds the bones together within your knee. It also helps to keep your knee stable.

People who play soccer, football, tennis, basketball or volleyball, or who do gymnastics are more likely to twist their knees by mistake when they compete than, say, cross-country runners, who simply move forward at a steady pace. Many people hear a popping noise in their knee when they get hurt. More common symptoms include:. If you have a minor injury, you may not feel pain. Some people have trouble standing or putting pressure on the hurt leg.

This is most likely to happen during the first 24 hours. You can reduce swelling by putting ice on your knee and elevating raising your leg by propping it up on a pillow. Trouble walking. Some people find that the knee t feels looser than it should. Less range of motion. Your doctor will want to hear exactly how you injured your knee. They may also order any of the following:.

MRI or ultrasound. These exams can show both soft tissue and bone. If you have a damaged ACL, it should appear on the images. They insert a pencil-sized tool that contains a lighting system and lens arthroscope into the t. The camera projects an image of the t onto a TV screen. Your doctor can see what type of injury you have and repair or correct it, if needed. First aid. If your injury is minor, you may only need to put ice on your knee, elevate your leg, and stay off your feet for a while. You can reduce swelling by wrapping an ace bandage around your knee. Crutches can help to keep weight off your knee.

Anti-inflammatory drugs can help to reduce swelling and pain. Your doctor may suggest over-the-counter medications or prescribe something stronger. For intense pain, your doctor may inject your knee with steroid medication. Knee brace. Some people with a damaged ACL can get by with wearing a brace on their knee when they run or play sports.

It provides extra support. Physical therapy. You may need this a few days a week to get your knee back in working order. You may be sent home with exercise to do on your own. A surgeon will remove the damaged ACL and replace it with tissue to help a new ligament grow in its place. With physical therapy, people who have surgery can often play sports again within 12 months. Pain Management Knee Pain Reference. How Does It Happen? ACL injuries are more common among women than men.

What Are the Symptoms? More common symptoms include: Pain. How Is It Diagnosed? Here are some of the options your doctor may give you: First aid. Scroll Down for the Next Article. Could I have CAD? Missing Teeth?

Well off man looking for Acle

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Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury