Swingers club in Birmingham

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The region's biggest dedicated swingers club is tucked away on the Osmaston Road Business Park. There's a huge sex club under an hour from Birmingham - and there's a good chance you've never heard of it. It is hidden among the industrial units which more normally house the likes of plumbers and building firms. There, you can expect themed areas ranging from dungeons to dogging sites for visitors to play out their fantasies.

Derbyshire Live reporter George Allen paid the club a visit to find out what goes on behind The Attic's closed doors. As you step inside you're greeted by a member of staff on reception - and first-timers are offered a tour. The first thing that hits you is the stark contrast between the sunlight outside and the darkness inside.

While some areas are pitch-black "dark rooms", the rest of the windows in most of the other rooms are almost entirely blacked out. Owner Ron Rothwell, who has run the business since its humble one-room beginnings in , started our tour with a peek at the adult cinema, which is run by his partner Deborah Windsor.

Customers, whether they are singles or couples, are invited to take a seat and watch adult films. As I peek my head through the heavy curtain I see the silhouettes of several clients' he, and a rather graphic two seconds of pornography. With a disarming matter-of-fact attitude Mr Rothwell guides me upstairs to show off some of the other 42 rooms the Attic has to offer. All the doors to these rooms are split, so the top half of the door can remain open while the room is engaged, and they are also fully lockable. Nearly every room is themed - all the way from Aztecs to Valentine's Day - and crucially they all contain cleaning equipment.

Customers are expected to keep the rooms in good shape but staff are always on hand to ensure cleanliness. The schoolroom features a chalkboard and an antique desk, the dungeon boasts intimidating "torture" equipment, and the devil room's walls are decorated with fiery paint and a skeletal figure.

Many of the rooms have two-way mirrors on the wall which can be looked through from the other side. Mr Rothwell says the Attic gives his customers somewhere to "meet other people and live out fantasies". He says: "The service we offer is somewhere safe and friendly where people can come and do their own thing. It's a safe and clean environment at all times.

Some of the rooms are particularly realistic. The "dogging" set features a real Fiat hatchback - complete with the private registration DO99 ING - and a park bench. The camping area centres around a large green tent with lighting inside. The owner tells me that the lights create enticing silhouettes for customers who are not directly involved in the action - but the only thing that comes to my mind is that famous Carry On Camping scene.

Mr Rothwell says the Attic is all about fostering a friendly and inclusive environment. He takes particular care to make sure that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people feel welcome. He says: "We have them all! We do have a big transvestite community because it's safe here and sort of out of the way.

They have plenty of room to do whatever they want. The straight-talking businessman is well aware of how people view places like the Attic. But he thinks times are changing. He says: "We've had that sort of thing since the start - but it's because they haven't seen it. Even the council didn't seem to want us here. But now we have persuaded them that we're running it properly.

One recent development that caught the owner off-guard was an influx of younger couples. But he denies the natural assumption that it was something to do with the publication of Fifty Shades of Grey. I think it's just the changing attitude of the world in general. They want to be able to enjoy themselves. On the Attic's themed monthly nights the club can see as many as customers at one time. Tomorrow will see a "tarts and vicars" theme, followed by "movie stars" on June 29 and "school's out" on July Clients are advised to bring their own alcohol as the club only sells soft drinks behind the bar.

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Swingers club in Birmingham

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Inside Midlands' biggest sex club with 43 rooms, hotel and DUNGEONS - and it's not far from Birmingham