Need to release some steam

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Meet Grammar Coach. How to use let off steam in a sentence. A far-off volley rumbled over the plain, and a few birds stirred uneasily among the trees. A colossal steam "traveller" had ceaselessly carried great blocks of stone and long steel girders from point to point.

Two huge steam engines had snorted and puffed for three whole years. Greenlaw Charles P. The steamboat of and the steam locomotive of were the direct result of what had gone before. The Comet started on her first trip up the Arkansas, being the first steam boat that ascended that river. The first steam rolling mill, with the exception of the one at Soho, was put up at Bradley ironworks.

The first engine worked by steam in this town that we have record of was put up at same works in Water Street, in This engine only took steam during the first quarter of its stroke, the remaining three-quarters were by the expansion. Trevithick was equally ready with the application of steam-power either for pumping of water or for boring and removing rock. Choose the synonym for future.

Need to release some steam

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blow off steam and let off steam