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Go to Household Bills section. Go to Travel section. Go to Insurance section. Go to Students section. We're the Deals Hunters and when we come across something special, find a glitch or a loophole, or just a deal with the wow factor — we blog it here. Think of us as a modern-day Robin Hood. Reports suggest there's been a boom in online dating over the past couple of weeks — after all, following your heart needn't take you further than your front door if you can find it on your screen.

Virtual dating may seem like something out of an episode of Black Mirror , but since bars, a picnic, or Nando's are off-limits for a date, it's going to be the new norm for many for a little while. Of course, this dating lark is a whole lot harder when you can't actually meet in person, so like Cupid with a computer, I've come up with some fun MoneySaving tips to help combat that — so you and your date can create that virtual spark and keep it burning.

In this guide I'll cover the below four steps. Please feel free to skip over step one if you're already in a relationship — if you don't, you might get in a spot of trouble. Find a date for free 2. How to virtually meet for free 3. Prepare for the date 4. The date itself the fun bit.

First thing to say is It wasn't even one giant face, it was many, many little faces. But poor underwear choices aside, if you are looking to date, here are some free ways to help you find someone to hook, line and sync together. To the left, to the left The premise of Tinder is simple if not a bit superficial — You'll see photos of other singles within a local radius — swipe left if you don't like the look of them, right if you do.

If both of you swiped right for each other, then you're able to message. This allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere in a particular chosen location — not just those local to you. However, it's recently trialling a new 'Global' mode, where you can opt in to allow your dating profile to be viewed around the world find it under settings and is absolutely free.

Remember to consider that if they are on the other side of the world, meeting up down the line could be tricky and expensive but if you're willing to go the long distance, go get some Tinder loving care. What separates Hinge from most dating apps is rather than a profile, you're asked a series of quirky questions to get to show-and-tell a little more about yourself besides your height, a load of emojis explaining your hobbies, and how much you go to the gym.

Everyday I'm bumbling. Bumble is a free mobile app that turns the tables on modern dating. In order to ignite a conversation, it's women who have to make the first move. Some women can find it a bit intimidating, but like the saying goes, 'just imagine everyone in the room naked' and you'll be grand. If not, 'Hi' is a good place to start. Here's a positive spin Social distancing can be a good opportunity to really get to know each other.

Some time ago, a date asked me if he could lick my face mid-date, so feel lucky you won't get those sort of questions thrown at you. Obviously not having that face-to-face connection can be incredibly hard, so it's important we get creative in how to recreate eye contact and body language through the camera lens — see how to look and sound better on camera. These free extensions should all be able to share screens which is essential for some of the dating ideas in this guide. The only house party you're currently allowed to have. You've probably heard the name pop up a few times and wondered what is this party you've not been invited to.

Well it's a free social networking service that enables you to connect via video chat through desktop or mobile apps and allows both group and one-to-one chats. If you do use it, remember to 'lock the room' select the key lock icon in the menu bar so it turns from unlocked to locked , otherwise anyone can in and gatecrash your date If Sandra from s can get herself, her many cats and a houseplant on a chat in Zoom, you can surely organise a date on it.

Zoom is more known in the business world to set up meetings with teams for free, but that doesn't mean you can't turn business into leisure or pleasure with a one-on-one convo. Here's a tweet from hollyshortall using Zoom to its full potential see how you can add backgrounds like these with Snap Camera :. Skype is like that ornament your mum has sitting on the cabinet shelf, it's been around for ages and you're not quite sure why it's there, but it definitely has its uses. Skype is free and easily accessible for most people if you don't fancy demanding your potential date to download something lesser-known they're not comfortable with.

Other free alternatives that you may already have on your device to connect via video are Facetime if you both have Apple devices , Whatsapp , or Google Duo , but not all these will be able to have the same screen sharing features as the above tools. I think getting ready for a date is just as important as going to it.

Lighting is everything when it comes to looking your best. You can spend hours on hair and make-up only to be sitting in a dark room for no one to see it. Here are some tips and hacks you can use to trick the camera:. Of course this should be for dates you know the partner well enough to trust giving over your home address to and know of any allergies. Delivery companies such as Deliveroo , Uber Eats or Just Eat , or the direct websites of takeaways might be a fun way of picking your other half a surprise meal for them to enjoy.

Make sure you order in plenty of time as delivered food is in high demand during these times, especially evening. On a budget? Why not cook a meal together and make that your date. Most of these will require you to use 'share screen' on your chosen social networking service, but feel free to adapt or dare I say add to it. While you can't go to the cinema, or visit each other's homes to watch a movie together, if you both have Netflix then there's a free Google Chrome extension which takes 'Netflix and chill' to a whole new level. Chrome extension Netflix Party enables you to synchronise the same movie, so you can watch it simultaneously.

There's no need to hand over your Netflix password, just go to Netflix and click on the extension, then hit the 'Start the party' button and boom your chat has begun. If you opted out of a takeaway, you may want to cook from home which will likely be more MoneySaving, and it can be just as much fun and slightly healthier though that's up to you. You can make the date cooking the meal itself. Why not pick a theme or particular recipe you both could give a go and enjoy eating together.

If you watched the recent Love is Blind series on Netflix, then you may want to give this go. Snapchat's free Snap Camera has entertained me for hours, even without anyone on the other end. It allows you to apply lenses to your webcam that 'disguise' you as all kinds of weird objects from a potato to an egg to a piece of bread. It can be used for desktop and mobile and will need to be changed in your video settings to the 'Snap camera' for it to work. For a fun first date, you could both turn up in disguise, get to know each other's personalities and best chat, and then reveal your faces hopefully they still don't look like a potato.

Here are a few examples of what I've become in my finest hours obviously angled at my good side :. Like a mixtape but with less rewinding, why not make a shared music playlist? Add in your favourite songs to make the perfect background noise to your date. If you don't already have music streaming service Spotify, it has a free version — see how to make a collaborative playlist.

There's a starman, waiting on the screen. That's right, romance isn't dead. Head online to Stellarium-Labs and see the sky like never before. It's free to use, and you can zoom in on stars, galaxies and nebulas as well as viewing what kind of planets are visible that night. Take a trip down memory lane and hop on to Google Maps.

Use Streetview to point out where you first rode a bike, where you went to school, your first kiss, your first break up, where you nearly fell into the canal in front of all those people and no one came to help, and then finally your lovely grandparent's cottage by the seafront. Think of all the petrol you'll save not going there in person.

My local pub 'The Beehive' in the area where I grew up. You don't need to be Leonardo Di Vinci to make a masterpiece. On Aggie. Just copy and paste the URL link so you both can share the same art space. What's outside your window 2. Start a drawing and let the other person finish 3. A portrait of each other could be risky 4.

Martins money tips dating sites

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