Married women in Spokane

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My partner, Mike, had gone into the Law Enforcement desk to use the restroom and get coffee. A lone lady in a car pulled up to the gate to show me her ID. She was cute, and I was surprised to see she was active duty, as being an Air Force cop I usually knew who people were from often working the gates. I looked at her ID, and noting the name was long, asked how to pronounce it. She stated it was a Swiss name, and pronounced it. I turned to go into the gate shack and she stated my name was too common.

I turned, and we chatted for a few minutes before I sent her on her way. Mike came back, asked if any cute girls went through, and I told him about Debbie. As I was telling him about her, she came up to the gate again — with another cute girl. Debbie had rushed into her barracks and asked Janis my now wife , to go through the gate with her so she could talk to the gate guard again.

Mike and I stood talking to the ladies, with Debbie asking one of us to go to the other side of the car and talk to Jan. I did so. We chatted until we heard on the radio the shift commander was approaching. We sent the ladies on their way. They asked us to come to their barracks after our swing shift ended so we could pop popcorn and watch Johnny Carson.

Mike and I both had 9 a. After Mike and I cleared our weapons we met up with our carpooler, Neil, and started to drive to our barracks. Mike told Neil, who was driving, about Jan and Debbie, and their offer of popcorn and Carson. Neil turned the car in the direction of their barracks — old WWII two-story wooden structures. When we arrived, the doors were all locked, but I took out my trusty Swiss Army knife and jimmied the door. We entered and used our flashlights to read the names on the doors. As we arrived on the second floor the hall phone rang.

Mike answered by stating the building . She was silent for a couple moments. The next day I reported to Data Automation at exactly noon, and the rest is history. Later this year will be our 43rd anniversary. Barbara and Earnie Scarborough on their wedding day, Dec. On Aug. This became a habit.

He announced two months later he was being shipped out to Goose Bay, Labrador, for a year. We decided to write one another. He was an artist and drew pictures of airplanes, bull fighters, and cartoons on the envelopes. The postman said that the people at the post office really enjoyed his artwork. Then in February , Earnie wrote and asked me to marry him. I said yes and so we planned our wedding through the mail. The big day was Dec.

During this time, our oldest daughter Tzena was born. The next month he was hired to teach in Okanogan, Washington. Earnie taught mainly art classes. He also taught photography, history, aviation, advised the drill team and was the drama director for 17 years. I helped with costumes and sets. He retired in after 30 years. I was busy raising the children, singing in the choir, sewing their clothes and working at the elementary school part time. Earnie and I had a mutual love for music, drama and the arts.

Having summers off from teaching Earnie would work some summers and then every third year we would pack up the car and go visit the family in Georgia. The first trip in was with four kids ages 8 months, 2, 3, and 5 years old. We wanted them to know the Eastern Scarboroughs. We camped through 39 states, and the family learned a lot about America. Each of our children ed the military after high school and traveled many miles away from home. I think our family travels instilled broadening their horizons and serving their country.

We lived in Okanogan for 56 years until Earnie passed away in January Then next year, I sold the house and moved back to Spokane to be near family. I now reside in a senior apartment community. Our children are all grown and we have 11 grandchildren, 13 great grand-children and one great-great grandchild.

I love you Earnie! The first time I laid eyes on her, I thought that I had found a magic genie. She wore a pale blue peasant skirt and crop-top blouse with billowing sleeves. She danced divinely, this strawberry blonde beauty.

I managed to catch her attention and we danced throughout the evening. She told me that her name was Sherry and she was I was Alas, it was not to be. Sherry went to her West Seattle home with her prearranged ride and I went home to Everett. I knew I had to see her again and so the chase was on! Her nickname was Sassy, an appropriate moniker derived from the initials of her name. Months passed until a chance encounter brought us together. Sassy, accompanied by several friends, passed by without noticing me. As she walked past, I swatted her rear end. Her response was swift and, I might add, wholly appropriate.

She spun around with clenched fist and attempted to roundhouse her unknown assailant. Fortunately, she missed me, and we had a good laugh over her fiery reaction. I knew in that moment that this was the girl for me. Although we lived in different cities, our paths crossed regularly. Both of us were cadets in the Civil Air Patrol which provided regular opportunities to see one another.

One such event was a summer encampment. Near the end of the encampment week, several fellow cadets were vying for the privilege of escorting Sassy to the graduation banquet and dance. Each fellow, in turn, asked her to go with him and each offer, in turn, she declined.

Something about witnessing this sad spectacle left me hopeful and I asked if I could escort her to the dinner and dance. Unfortunately, the heart is fickle. Several weeks later I I lost Sherry to the charms of an old flame of hers. Months later, we saw each other at another dance. Although my male pride was wounded, I wanted to be with her again.

But, speak we did, and eventually we spent the evening together, dancing and talking. The evening ended with us agreeing to go on a double-date the following weekend. We exchanged countless love letters, and frequent phone calls, as we continued to fall more deeply in love. Besides being lovers, we came to see each other as our best friend in the entire world.

Sherry used to say she wanted a guy who could make her laugh. Sherry has a sharp wit and a marvelous, albeit unique, sense of humor. She can easily get me to laughing hysterically. My unrestrained laughter will then set her to laughing until we both have tears running down our faces. On the third anniversary of our double date, I proposed to Sherry.

The idea that we would marry was more or less a forgone conclusion to me. Sherry prepared a wonderful dinner in our little apartment. Afterward, we drove to our favorite romantic viewpoint in West Seattle, where I popped the question as I retrieved the engagement ring hidden in my sock. The following June we married. A few years quickly passed and we had a daughter, and then a son. I cannot imagine a better partner in life than Sherry. The love and energy she brings to our marriage is tireless. Intimacy, that special mix of physical and emotional closeness, which is the lifeblood of a marriage has no greater champion than Sherry.

Married women in Spokane

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