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That attitude is apparent in the EP, a judiciously layered synthesis of his Georgia roots, pairing Atlanta-bred hip-hop and rural-fed traditional country, two genres that were considered incompatible not that long ago. Douglasville, Georgia, where he spent his teens, is 30 miles due west of downtown Hotlanta, the epicenter for OutKast, T.

Douglasville is likewise 30 miles north of Newnan, the home of holy-jeans wearing country singer Alan Jackson and the birthplace of "Seven Bridges Road" songwriter Steve Young. The mash-up works nicely. The sing-along title track melds an ascendant hook with rural fishing imagery, easy-going acoustic guitar, ominous bass and synthetic, clicking percussion. I just love to feel that hit in the chest, and that's what I love about the Atlanta thing.

Some of my first memories in life were crawling into the living room and watching them write a song together on guitar, sitting Indian-style on the floor. When Niko was 10, his mom picked up a job with a temporary staffing company in Douglasville, and it was in the new location that Niko took up music on his own. When Dad was away, Niko routinely snuck a guitar out of the closet and learned to play left-handed on the standard, right-handed instrument. He immediately started writing songs, unwittingly establishing his future path.

His first experience as a band member came playing rudimentary bass for a local punk group. And when his prowess in cross country brought a full-ride athletic scholarship at Samford University in Alabama, he used the opportunity to focus his studies on music, a pursuit he felt gave him the best chance to make a difference. I just felt connected to something. But not necessarily Samford. He skipped classes routinely to write songs, drove back frequently to Douglasville and left school after a year. He needed money, so he jumped into construction work, a whole series of jobs that concluded with Moon successfully running his own real estate appraisal company.

But the music bug continued to bite, and he started playing in bars. Brown, of course, was a perfect foil. His version of country is a hybrid form that blends pop, soul and Southern rock, and it suited Moon, who became a fulltime songwriter for years.

Does it make them feel happy? With the title track setting the pace, "Drunk Over You" weaves a languid Dobro and gang vocals over a trippy bass-and-drums format. The songs sound big, but there are surprisingly few instruments involved. That, Moon says, is "super-intentional. Especially in country music, the story is so important. And to everyone else who grew up the same way. Music Good Time Available Now. No Sad Songs Available Now.

Good Time feat. Shaggy Available Now. Dance With Me Available Now. .

Lookin for a good time m

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