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HEY Im a 25 year old swf.. I've never tried a dating site before, but considering the type of men I meet at bars, I figured something better has to be out there Im not exactly sure what im looking for.. Someone to hang out with, and see where it goes.. My ideal boyfriend would make me laugh, alot.. Looks are not really important to me, but, there should be a little bit of attraction. I would hope that you wouldnt date me if you thought I was a repulsive monster..

I dont think that would work well.. Im far from high-maintenance, I enjoy going to nice places, just as much as I enjoy staying in and cuddling to a movie. Most of the time im pretty silly, and goofy, but, I know when to be serious.

Im horrible at making plans because, I never really care what Im doing as long as Im with good company. I dont really follow sports other than football, but, thats only because, I have no idea whats going on.. I own my home but, live with roomates.. I have a but not a car.. Wives seeking hot sex Looking to try my first black woman. Woman shouts at me for giving way? Lonely wants flirt North Seattle Moms. Xxx want casual sex . Load More Profiles Beautiful woman searching casual encounter Latina for latina friends first. I'm 27 , So this is really starting to get to me.

I am tired of feeling so alone , there is nothing wrong with me physiy , I'm attractive , and in very good health. I'm not a bum either , however I don't have the greatest job either. I dont want to just jump into a relationship either. I really would like to have a female in my life would be okay with just being friends , and allowing her to learn something new , also giving me the opportunity to learn as well. I know that because once a woman sees me she will talk to me I even get far enough to get a to txt , but once they find out that one piece of information about me I am ignored.

I guess I am a waste of time at that point. When you go your entire life without ever having a relationship with someone that put's a stigma on you , I realize this. I am way to shy , and afraid of people to approach a girl , even when i do build up the courage to even go to one , and try to socially engage with them I just come off as awkward.

My shyness goes away after a while of talking to a person , I seem more comfortable , and rather humorous at times. I dont know if it is because woman are very judgmental or what. I dont think people should be so quick to judge another person , not knowing anything about that person , or what struggles they may have fought , and over come just to be where they're are in life. You should be accepted for who you are , people shouldnt try to change things about you're personality they don't like , but embrace the quality's that are good , and strong.

Why is being an individual so wrong? Why is it that because you are not good at breaking the ice you are labeled as a creep or weirdo , thats a narrow way of thinking. I am not some creep in fact i have been alone for so long I am use to it and have given up on even trying to ask a girl out. I just figure if I put down all these things that are wrong with me that the person who responds to me will not blow me off once they find these things out.

I am still trying , I just want to be normal , and have the normal thing everyone else has. There has to be someone out there that feels the same way as i do , or atleast open to learning about a new person , who could be very interesting if just given the chance. Well I have said enough , hopefully this add will do what it was intended to do. Single moms looking for cock Q I miss you. Bozeman Montana free sex arab needs a good ride. Wisconsin WI adult personals cutie for booty, just want to have a little fun m4w just wanting to have a little fun tonight, maybe a movie a couple drinks or some smokin.

Im very nice and respectful and considerate. Just would like to find someone whos the same but maybe having a hard time finding someone. Its sunday and its cold as hell and its dec 11 Housewives seeking hot sex Nichols hills Oklahoma Housewives seeking hot sex Phoenix Arizona And quite frankly, I'm fucking tired of moving the bowl off the top shelf, moving the soggy half a tomato off the top of the butter, finding rock-solid peanutbutter in the back of the fridge, taking the leaky raw chicken package off of the egg carton and finding a disgustig fucking cup of used cooking oil in the back of the fridge.

I said it. I think my husband has absolutely no common sense and it drives me fucking crazy.

Ladies seeking nsa Newcastle Texas 76372

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