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More specifically how we support H. That aside, she HAS been proven to send classified information, each count of which is a felony; So why is she still running for President? Why are her and Barney…err Bernie laughing about it in the debate? Not everyone loses at least. ESPN doing some sizable layoffs with, at least somewhat a focus on management.

Likely due to our show…OK, maybe not. But possibly because of how much media is available outside of TV subscription services? We can only imagine the endless katana control laws that are going to go into place now. Do you vote? Does it matter? We have a discussion about your impact on voting in national elections considering the electoral college; how manipulated the candidates are for the 2 primary parties are. Ellen, having clearly out shined Ken during the local debate in regards to polish, but not necessarily in substance. This is of course up to opinion and the sides appear to be clearly drawn betwixt the two opposing forces.

Rumors and scandals abound between Ashley Madison s and a local write-in candidate. Good luck and may the best candidate win! Thanks to everyone who hung out with us and participated in the recording. Subscribe in iTunes and Stitcher. Listen to our engaging discussion below and give us some feed back! We have surpassed the dreaded 7th episode black hole…. We were happy to discuss Ep. Among other things, we discuss a of situations, address 1 very important question. When should you act? Should you ever act? At the UCC shooting in. Oregon there were two armed individuals at the gun free campus.

Neither acted…and that was smart. At the Waffle House in Charleston, SC a robbery was stopped when an armed citizen outside of the store confronted the armed robber on his way out. Was this wrong? We, nor the law, seem to think so. Others think he was a cowboy and should have minded his own business. We discuss more than a handful of real life situations where a regular armed citizen has stopped a mass shooting which is above and beyond the regular occurrences that DO stop the bad guy very frequently. One of the major issues that seems to link those responsible for mass murders.

For the record, we are ALL for the government spending less…but do it the right way. Stop wasting money, be transparent and ease up on the taxes. Thanks Malloy…looking forward to your removal. They never address the problem s …they pass legislature to hinder our rights more and more, little by little, like a frog in a frying pan and we all just sit there and get warm and comfy.

A sad it was in Oregon where a maniac attacked many at Umpqua Community College in Oregon killing 10 and injuring 9 others before taking his own life. In the Shall Issue state of Oregon, it is ruled that community colleges cannot prevent carrying on the school property however as shown here — the school policy, visible on the website itself states that it is prohibited.

The government is admittedly politicizing this and ignoring the causes as well as all of the evidence showing their [nothing more than gun grabbing] laws and hype they push do not change things. What is the fascination with GUNS? They scream gun deaths, death by guns, gun violence, gun gun gun. Be honest. Thanks to Dr. Find us on Facebook , Follow us on Twitter. Sorry for the delay! Weird right? Stay tuned as they seem more fired up to get the approval than ever. Check the other episode for more context.

Ever notice how anti-gun advocates in our government or even the folks that run big anti-gun events e. Quite the inconvenient truth. Ever light your fart on fire? Tap water has turned flammable! Check out this chick that decides to be super self efficient and is condemned and fined instead.

The 14th amendment has been abused in immigration. Where do we stand? Listen and learn. Transparency in spending, No more porked bills, term limits and proper acknowledgment and care for our Constitution. Listen to our lengthy chat and give us some feed back! A few noted heroes found in the fallen that are mentioned briefly are Rick Rescorla and Todd Beamer.

If I wanted to teach my son what a Hero is…these are great examples. Another unsung hero is the actor Steve Buscemi. Ever see these? You should remember and learn. Lending a helping hand. Watch them. BE US. Take a look at this story from our FB where a young man is punished for knowing and exercising his rights in school.

Was he right? We know he knows his rights and advocates them. Listen to another story about how a local school here was caught teaching false information to our students about the 2nd Amendment. Local parents and Councilmen took action. The asment was pulled, but no discipline made. Be on the lookout for upcoming updates on Brother MAK getting his permit and a special episode dedicated to the CT process.

Owner Chris Marciano sheds some encouraging light. First let me say that I apologize for the delayed update about what is happening. Some uncontrollable circumstances popped up over the weekend that took some of my time. That said, to confirm, we did in fact pull our special permit application for the property located at 82 Wolcott Road in Plymouth. We did this in the interest of time and will be re-submitting our new application very soon. There is a lot to get done. We have made several changes to our site plan and added attorneys and experts from around the country to be sure this is done correctly.

We have had a gigantic amount of support from many local Plymouth residents and from influential people across Connecticut, for this we are very appreciative. Please stay tuned for more updates. At the time of recording, we issued a reminder that Prepare to Act would make their actual proposal for the Wolcott Road Gun Range to the town hall on September 10th, however today they announced that it would officially proposed at the September 24th hearing.

Remember to their petition! Paying taxes is a responsibility we all have to endure. In Bristol, CT they fine you an additional percentage for being late and also prevent you from registering or re-registering your vehicle. Oh, they also hire thugs to sneak onto your property and immobilize your car IN your driveway at a. Pretty standard. Can you prove Brother MAK wrong on this issue? KimDavis is a staunch Christian well…now anyway and truly believes that same sex marriage is wrong.

Free sex chat Waterbury Connecticut

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