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In a recent survey by Trip Advisor, Brussels was voted the most boring capital in Europe. Behind the stately 19 th century decadence or run-down administrative buildings from the s, there is a secret life full of personalities and persuasive charms. A mansion on a quiet street turns out to be a rendez-vous hotel with a dungeon where directors probably get back at their secretaries for sending out files too late or more likely let their secretaries turn the tables. Closer to the touristy center, you could also start off at Goupil Le Fol. The bar is housed in what once used to be a brothel, and though its purpose has changed, it still retains its original atmosphere.

Brussels is not an in your face kind of place. On the other hand, for a local it takes no sweat to guide you on an associative tour of a few of the treasures, trash and historic traces that give this grey town so much color. First you take off the clothes. Then you feel the skin. Slowly you get to know about the spirit that fuels the body.

The architecture here is anything, but boring. Its arrival met great resistance. Art Deco however, surpassed Art Nouveau as the style most often associated with lasciviousness and luxury. This is a clear reflection of the period in which it boomed, namely the roaring twenties, which are so often portrayed by happy go lucky gals in Charleston dresses, sipping champagne from special coupes in bars, brothels or social clubs. Its heritage is still alive in certain places in Brussels, including the lecherous lifestyle that went with it.

Many brothels or rendez-vous hotels were built in Art Deco style, and unlike Goupil Le Fol, some still serve their original purpose. Like 5 th Avenue at the metro station Yser; a shady place where prices are negotiated before punters are led upstairs. The transactions that once characterized the place however, have been restricted to sipping coffee or beer and maybe spending a calm night in one the rooms.

This is one of the few places where locals and imported Eurocrats mingle. The bar owner has a soft spot for artists, and tended to serve them drinks at reduced prices. This may have been one of the things that made a shy, young painter called Luc Tuymans a regular there while he studied at Sint-Lukas Art Academy. This deception leaves the passer-by unsuspecting of a de conceived to guarantee pleasure and discretion. This defeats the touch of two separate elevators, one to enter the building, and another to leave it; a feature, which was once extremely helpful in the avoidance of embarrassing encounters.

Rooms are decorated with charming Art Deco elements, like angular and geometric woodwork, stylish wallpaper and typical Art Deco lamps. Freddy Martens 89 was the director of the hotel from — and is privy to the memories and legends of the place.

Martens excelled at his job, absorbing information, learning about his clients and keeping his mouth shut. When Martens left the hotel he took his guest book with him and thanked his faithful clients for their unfaithfulness with one of his characteristic bon mot. Kleptomania, alcoholism, every human vice was dealt with, served up for the boob tube and garnished with a generous dollop of sex.

Jambers showed a different side of sexuality, and B-movie maker, enfant terrible, and cult hero, Jan Bucquoy helped people digest it. But Bucquoy, full-time provocateur, is best known as a movie director. Bucquoy liked to shock in a more infantile way and never hesitated to show his disdain for the Belgian monarchy. In footage of this action, you can see his one-man campaign where he runs towards the Royal Palace and immediately gets arrested by security.

When it comes to Royalty and Sex things always get sticky. King Leopold II was known for his hunger and particular taste for younger girls. This was less controversial, to put it mildly, than much of his regime and his foreign policy in particular. Without going into his Congolese affairs, his impact on city planning in Brussels is undeniably as enormous as whatever appetites he harbored. You can argue the merit of his legacy, but it is much more difficult to reject his massive impact on the city. He had a vision and ambition that was too big for his small country and its inhabitants.

One of these buildings is the triumphant arch in the Cinquantenaire Park, which was constructed to celebrate the 50 th birthday of the nation. Besides the huge triumphal arch, he was also involved in the Museum of Middle Africa in Tervuren and the stately avenue that le from Montgomery Square to this museum in the affluent suburbs. Being a man of the world, interested in different cultures, he also built a Chinese Pavilion and a Japanese Tower; the latter basically built in the back garden of the Royal Palace in Laeken.

If you look closely, you can see a small door at the gate. Rumor has it that this was a secret door, which allowed his mistress to discretely access the building. When the shops close, you still hear the click-clack of high heals.

After sunset, the corners slowly fill up with prostitutes. At first, the work seems like an interchangeable series of pictures of random prostitutes. However, their locations, and the radius it illustrates are not coincidental. It led to much fantasy and speculation, often with racist undertones, and has created myths and legends. One of them goes that the HIV-virus was accidentally created in Congo by Belgian scientists who did tests on monkeys but were so clumsy to transmit it to human beings. It was the beginning of a worldwide virus that created a climate of paranoia and fear.

The memorial and the sentiments attached to it requires some imagination from the viewer, as a basin filled with dirty rainwater is meant to represent the river Congo. Behind the memorial, there is another particular building. It seems to be a neoclassical pavilion in the form of a Greek temple. Yet, upon closer inspection, it is not as traditional as it might seem. There is not a single straight line in the building. Horta managed to revisit the classic style of the pavilion and make it more organic with slightly bent walls.

The pavilion was deed to serve as a permanent showcase for a large marble relief called Human Passions made by sculptor Jef Lambeaux and commissioned by King Leopold II. It is a contorted composition of wrangled naked bodies, flesh, breasts, and nipples, somewhere between a giant orgy and a massive fight. On its inauguration day, October 1 st , the piece created such a shock that only three days later, because of pressure from public opinion and the authorities, it was closed off with a wooden barricade.

In the end, Horta agreed to make a permanent wall to close the pavilion completely. In , the building got this wall but the pavilion has never been finished and to date has rarely been opened. This permanently closed pavilion leaves lo of room for even the most acrobatic imaginations to jump around.

This might not have been his best idea. In his generosity, he also offered the Saudi ruler the neighboring Exhibition Pavilion that currently houses the Great Mosque of Brussels. It is a peephole in the best sense of the word. There are many more straight forward peepholes however and most corners of the city have their red lights, sex cinemas, swingers clubs, strip bars and whatever Peeping Tom happens to be after. In Ixelles you find businessmen celebrating new contracts in strip bars, while the red light district of the North Station is much rougher, a paradise for petty thieves and the long term unemployed.

It is the kind of cinema you used to have in Paris in the s, with decorative wall paintings of sexy ladies in so-called soft porn style. Brussels has a history of eradicating cultural monuments for corrupt real estate scams with no interest in culture. Hopefully the city has learned something from its past mistakes and will do everything to preserve Cinema ABC, which is a jewel and unique testimony of its time. Opened in , the cinema still projects celluloid films, accompanied by the creaking of the projector, which every now and then is interrupted by the sound of a trousers unzipping and a groan or two.

If you happen to be nostalgic for times when Brazilian waxes and landing strips were not yet the norm, this may be a place you want to check out. When the Germans attacked Belgium, Max refused to work under their rule and was jailed. He managed to escape in , was welcomed home as a hero and returned to office a year later. When the dog was tied to a lamppost on the street, people knew that their respected mayor was between the sheets. Nobody here worries much about a dog wagging its tail.

The s appears to be the pinnacle of such activity gaining attention. A former cinema converted into a nightclub called Le Mirano, which is still a popular nightclub, was one of the spots that brought legendary villains together. On any night you might find members of Tueuries du Brabant Wallon a group that killed 28 people and injured another 40 during extremely aggressive raids in supermarkets at the bar. The gang never got arrested but was suspected to be part of a circuit of extreme right paratroopers who planned a coup, and not in the Jan Bucquoy sense.

Discreet sex belgium

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