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Working with the dating advertising network like DatingAdNetwork can bring you a lot of targeted dating traffic. First we should define several qualities which are essential to consider when creating banners. The CTR of the banners depends on these characteristics in various ways. Naturally, we will focus on banners for dating sites.

Banner advertising is a great way to increase your dating traffic. Whether or not you receive targeted traffic depends on a combination of factors:. A dating banner should convey emotion. Dating is itself a very emotional process! The more emotion you can express in your banners, the more effective they will be. You can express emotions with photos or some special text. Emotions make people buy different things in many situations. In dating business it is the single most important factor. The decision of whether or not to include sexually suggestive emotions depends on another issue which we will discuss in a moment.

A banner should sell your product even before visitor clicks on it. This type of inviting banner will bring you the most valuable traffic and conversions. If you run dating website, you should:. This may seem like a lot of complexity just for a banner, but putting in the effort will make your banners sell your services. This brings us to the third factor. Who is your target? You might think all dating site owners have the same target. If you have a free dating site, what do you sell? In this case your audience is quite broad, and targeting is not so much of an issue. Banners for a free dating site can be aggressive and sexual.

Anyone might click on these types of banners. If you have a niche dating site — what you sell? It depends on your target audience. Sexual banners would not be appropriate in this case! It will only bring you a lot of useless click through traffic that will not convert well. Think about your audience, and create a banner that will attract their interest.

In the above example, a graphic of a couple out running on the beach with their dogs or cuddling on a bench at the dog park would be a better choice. Think about your visitor. You have to offer them an incentive to click on your banner. How does this impact your banner de? In every way! The words or slogans you use on your banners should offer the most valuable benefit of your services not feature. We mentioned this above, but you might not understand what it means.

Suppose your dating site offers the cheapest monthly payment for your members. Nice slogan, but it could be better. A cheap membership is a feature of your dating site. You need to bring home what benefit your visitor will get from this feature, and that is…? Your visitor will save money if they use your services! Tell them what their benefit is, and how to get it. Think about what people need, and know how to help them get what they want. Next we come to the question of your marketing campaign. Many sites appear every day and most disappear just as fast.

Getting to know the market before you enter it is more than a great idea. It is essential for successful business, and it is essential for making banners, too! This brings us to our conclusion. Dating banners should express your site ideas, they should offer benefits for the visitors, they should be emotional and they should sell before visitor clicks on them.

Try to keep it a reasonable size, which is x60 pixels! Brainstorm, plan and experiment. If you think about what people need, you will know what to offer. If you know what to offer, visitors will come! Best wishes to your dating business! Oleg Khabarov is a marketing specialist in online dating business. Now he works as a marketing manager for such reputable dating advertising networks like Romance-Net and DatingAdNetwork. Article Source: ArticlesBase. Text of our - your profit: advertising section.

Whether or not you receive targeted traffic depends on a combination of factors: The system you use. The banners you have. The type of dating site you run. If you run dating website, you should: Express emotions to draw in your audience. Tell what you offer in an inciting way. Offer the most valuable benefit of your services not feature. Combine all these in one place — your banner. About the Author: Oleg Khabarov is a marketing specialist in online dating business.

Dating banner exchane

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