A strong and everlasting love

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Should you have boundaries in marriage? All relationships demand boundaries for optimal success and health. While the word boundaries can sound a bit intimidating, they actually serve a major purpose in a marriage or relationship. Indeed, boundaries should be present in all of our interpersonal relationships, not just our romantic ones. And as … . There is nothing like a beautiful quote to inspire and delight.

As a lover of words, quotes are so meaningful to me. In particular, I adore romance and marriage quotes. The best quotes are those which perfectly encapsulate the wonder of marriage, without ignoring the challenges and struggles it can also bring. This collection of … . Friendship in marriage is one of the major principles in a loving, successful marriage.

Yes, romance is important, but friendship is at the heart of a good, happy marriage. So how do you keep your friendship with your spouse strong? You know your marriage needs regular date nights to be its strongest and most fulfilling. Or maybe circumstances prevent you from doing so. But the idea of resolutions can sometimes feel fleeting—temporary. Instead of resolutions, I propose that you set some marriage goals with your spouse. Resolutions can be broken, or you may … .

The truth is, there may not be ONE thing you can do to create your best marriage, but rather, there are many parts that go into building a loving partnership. These 10 rules for a … . In this post we feature the best relationship podcasts and best marriage podcasts out there for couples. There are so many incredible podcasts out there covering every topic under … . In a long term relationship or marriage, sometimes you run out of things … . When is the last time you had a date night with your spouse? More than in any other relationship, married couples need regular date nights.

Date nights allow you to focus solely on one another, strengthening your connection, energizing your bond, and simply helping you make wonderful memories together. Do you pray daily for your husband? And yet, it is … . Marriage Faith Family About. Newer posts.

A strong and everlasting love

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