21 thick looking for fun

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When most people imagine thick hair, they think of Victoria's Secret models shaking their he side-to-side, their glamorous locks going all over the place. But while it sounds like a good deal, having thick hair comes with its share of struggles — plus a few surprising upsides.

Some people clean their drains once a week. If you even step in the shower, your drain starts filling up. Of course, you run out of shampoo pretty fast, too. And dry shampoo. And everything else. Most people use lint rollers for cat hair, dog fur, or actual lint. You, on the other hand, need to get your own locks off your clothes. Sure, you have plenty of split ends, but you also have tons of not split ends, so you can just pretend your hair is all sorts of healthy even when it's not.

No matter how often you clean your brushes, they always wind up covered in hair. For those unfamiliar, this is what happens when you walk outside in the winter with damp hair that doesn't dry right away — it simply freezes. Going out in the summer with your hair down pretty much guarantees your neck will be sweatier than a marathon runner. And don't even think about bringing a coupon for a blowout. No more deep conditioning!

No more heat tools! No more blowdrying ever again! Gamine pixie cuts are out of your reach. If you chop your hair that short, it just poofs out and makes your head look huge. And we mean the Beast, of course. Not the Beauty. Looking like Belle would require about half a pint of styling cream, thanks. On the bright side, your helmet of hair keeps your head warm all winter as long as it's already dry, of course. Even the strongest brushes can't survive.

Otherwise, you just end up with your eyes and mouth, and nose Sure, that thick messy bun looks great in the morning, but by the end of the day it's got to go, lest you get an awful tension headache. Product Reviews. Home Ideas.

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21 thick looking for fun

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